COLLECTICA.IO (beta version)

The batteries-included ecosystem for multi-purpose data collection and analytics platform & big data accelerator. We focus on, the best answer to manage, the survey system or the inspection system such as team-based agent for data collection in target area, real estate inspection, and related. Call for preview our product

You can manage all of data collection project, team, member, assignment and target area in one place.

Location will be collected by mobile application automatically when a member enter the first data in a form. The collection form can be changed from the backend on-the-fly.

Support social sign-in such as Google account, G Suite, and Facebook. They will be granted by the administrator to be Team Manager or Member.

You can manage a whole of all items in the organization. Bring your own domain like for ease of remembering.

Everything is the dashboard shows in real-time. Power BI template is free to use to display for all items and response data from mobile.

The data collection project and task assignment management.

A dynamic-form management in a project.

Real-time analytics on Power BI

Example to explore the location of data collection team

On-the-fly form element management that can be managed by Control panel and display on mobile in seconds.

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