Business & Total Solution

Business Intelligence (BI)

Ready-to-use or none ready-to-use data can extract and manipulate by modern data engineering tool. Mixing of data tool to solve the data problem in the firm can create the decision support system rapidly using the business dashboard generated from the business intelligence technology and robotics software.

We can manage the data from various sources and formulate to generate the decision dashboard in a single portal. Data pipeline in the business context will answer the question of sustainability and elasticity to change in the future. If you need the proposal, please email to

Enterprise resource planing

All of the activity in the organization will be managed for four dimensions: human resources, accounting, task management, and planning.

  • Build a corporate system for startup / SME with a digitalized lean approach.
  • Integrate modern cloud services with ERP.
  • Link ERP to business intelligence tools for administration board and visualize fact & figure of their corporate.
  • Desktop-enabled application to access for daily operating use for the enterprise.
  • e-Tax / e-Receipt included
  • * Forward engineering for rapid application construction included