about us

who we are

We are FACGURE, the name of our company which composed from two words, facts & figures - the meaning of high-level executive administration of a corporate intends to explore the data in the organization with precise mechanism and information. We specialize in the data solution such as data quality, data mapping, data integration and data deduplication to any business sector.

Nowadays, our solution can answer a business data-driven challenge. We are targeting to bring the fact and the figure from the existing data and approach a new paradigm to gain success for data management to our customer.

"Your Improvement, Our Invention" - a new slogan of our business mind & corporate DNA, and not only a computing system but we focus on the digital-based consultancy and sustainability in our customer's organization.


  1. To provide quality service and technology to customers.
  2. To be driven by distinctive innovations.
  3. To grow with social responsibilities.
  4. To encourage employees to grow with sustainable companies.
  5. To develop personnel with organization’s culture of commitment and creative thinking with good morals.

core values

F - Freedom

A - Agility

C - Communication

G - Growing

U - Uniformity

R - Reliability

E - Empathy